TLE handle?

Folks,how many instruction statements are possibly to execute in 1sec and 0.5 sec?

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Hi that can’t be said exactly and it depends on processor of your computer. But in General , I mean on coding platforms like TopCoder,Codechef etc… The numbers will be nearly as follows.

Approximate completion time for algorithms, N = 100

O(Log(N)) 10^-7 seconds

O(N) 10^-6 seconds

O(N*Log(N)) 10^-5 seconds

O(N2) 10^-4 seconds

O(N6) 3 minutes

O(2N) 1014 years.

O(N!) 10142 years.

Based on above data, in one second we can approximately do 10^8 operations :).


@Sainath:thankx, Its valuable indeed… :slight_smile: