Stalled progress in C.P.

I think is a very good place to practice. There are so many practice modes you can test your skills. You can challenge with strangers, bots, you can view interview questions of companies. You can join tournaments etc. I think you should check it

I do agree, everyone must be facing this problem at least some point of time in their CP.

That’s some progress man, Keep up ! (Takes note of the above links) :smiley: JEE has no connection with CP infact people have different tendencies for JEE stuff and some for CP, doing JEE doesn’t strictly mean you will be good at CP while the others won’t be (though it’s expectation of parents) still stand strong for what you have :slight_smile:

Everyone here is awesome and helpful ! :smiley:

Hi I want share my experience to u…I was also in a same position like you still 2 months before then I started actually started learning this concept…It helped me a lot in solving problems…
As a result I solved I solved 6 problems fully and 2 problems partially in may
and in june I solved 5 problems fully and 3 problems partially…

->Go throught standard graphical algorithm problems…In most of the contests I have participated there is one such problem belongs to that.

->Go through concepts of segment trees,tries related problems there will be definitely in most of contests will have

->Go through partial game problems i.e Sparge graundy theorem related…

If u start learning in this direction it will help a better way…Happy coding :slight_smile: …Dont giveup