Spamming in Top contributor's list

Lol. True, most of these guys emerge at end of month.

We got it @bansal1232. For that matter, no one even upvotes such trivial questions (at least that is what I have observed till date).

Plus I don’t even understand why people would try to gain laddus by getting more and more upvotes. I thought CodeChef was about programming contests and learning.

FEB17 is the first contest that I might win laddus in (My laddu balance is still 0!). And trust me, there is no more joy in winning laddus than winning it after using all your grey matter on solving that problem.


Ohk, got your point now. Sorry for misinterpretation and thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

What is grey matter?

Grey matter = brain cells.

But you could have Googled that. No need to ask everything here.

Restriction is 15 atm. That guy made fake id and made it write 2 answers and upvoted them with main id to make it eligible for upvoting.

Ok so I am the hot topic right now for not so good reason which is a pity. Now I am not here to defend myself but I do accept that something wrong has happened. I am just here to put my views on what I am feeling right now. I do not blame anyone nor do I expect sympathy but I would just ask to spare some time to understand my viewpoint before jumping onto conclusions. Before I start, I will just like to share why I became active on this community recently.

Firstly, I would like to make it loud and clear that though I am coding for a while but I used to refrain myself from writing blogs, answering questions and all and used to focus only on coding for which I feel sorry for myself. I may sound arrogant or proudy but I firmly believe that I am a beginner and I confess that most of the people out here are far better than me.

Now question arises “Why am I here?” for being in Top 5 contributor ? for getting some laddus ? Well, few days back I was told to take few Algorithms and Competitive Programming classes for school and college students in my city and this incident truly changed my perception. I thought that I was not paid for taking the classes then why did I felt happy. I interacted with people, gave some of my Knowledge units and learnt a lot. I never felt that joy after getting a green tick. This motivated me and I decided that I will exchange knowledge and thus I came to this community and tried my level best to contribute to the best of my ability. My experience has been amazing and my hunger of exchanging knowledge has just increased by leaps and bounds and I will continue to share knowledge.

Now let me tell you what happened today. My friend also got motivated when I shared my story with him and he came to contribute here. He gave very ordinary answers and I was bit biased for he was my friend so I upvoted his answer. He was not knowing that I am in top 5 or something and upvoted some of my answers. Now there is a mistake that I was bit lenient towards him and he unknowingly upvoted my answers and now when I saw this I also got shocked.

Now I do not know if I have made any contribution to this community or not, that I leave it to you to decide but I have learnt a lot from this community in a short period so kudos to all you amazing people out here. Now you may think this as my excuse or some kind of story so you can yourself think if someone wants to do Karma farming, will he flood up votes in short period to get trapped. I don’t think if someone becomes determined to be in top 5 by hook or by crook then a person would be so foolish to commit such a blunder to create new fake account and flood up votes to be in top 5 to leave nothing to imagination to others to be assumed to be a culprit.

Now I have said a lot and now I leave it to you to judge. I would gracefully accept community’s decision. Also I would I would request admins to debarred me from being in Top 5 ever in future and I am totally OK with it. Yes up votes and prizes are tokens of appreciation and motivation but these incentives are never gonna prompt me to indulge in such activities.

So now signing off and I leave it to you all to judge and trust me whatever the community will decide I will gracefully accept.

Thank You for teaching me so much in such short span of time and hope to contribute to the community.

Haoppy Coding

“Restriction is 15 atm.” what does that mean?

I believe that means, “Restriction is 15 karma points at the moment”. While I do recall that there is a minimum requirement for having x amount of karma points to become eligible to upvote answers, what I don’t remember is what the value of x is. Maybe it is 15, maybe less.

@vijju123 please refrain from using unusual abbreviations that are difficult to decode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I was referring to rating and not karma points in my answer.

Rating would be a bad criteria.

What if a user is very much active on Discuss by asking genuine questions and learning new stuffs from the answers, but cannot appreciate a good answer just because his Rating<K?

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I agree that multiple accounts or the same account voting a particular accounts is more likely to influence the rankings. I’m just saying that in addition to this, when people ask a simple problem, the top contributors list can be skewed as well.

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Yes, I agree with that point of yours :slight_smile:

My dear codechef mate : @utkarsh1997. My id here is legit. Kindly and kindly, if you look again, I’ve upvoted almost everyone’s answers from the top contributors list, considering I’d get to learn something new from it. Not used to commenting, but thought it should be brought to your dear information. Thanks.


Your fake friend has been suspended. Now the time of yours starts. So I advice you to stop doing such illegal act in future.


I was just pointing out possible cases, just the way I was pointed on to. Nothing personal. I just pointed that out because @harry1995 gets quite a lot of upvotes from you. Then again, as I mentioned in my answer, one cannot be sure just because of that.

Anyways I will edit my answer, as I am not 100% confident on what I wrote.

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@admin make the rule that anyone in top 5 must have at least 5000 rating in long challenge and same for cook-off rounds also and
…for the users who upvotes must have participated in at least 3 long challenges with sufficient rating.

@admin make the rule that anyone in top 5 must have at least 5000 rating in long challenge and same for cook-off rounds also and
…for the users who upvotes must have participated in at least 3 long challenges with sufficient rating.

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Sorry dear, but its a bad idea. Ratings in a contest has and contributing in a forum should be treated separately. Further more, ratings in contest are no factor to measure a person’s honesty. One might be rated 5k and still be dishonest.

It would do more hard than good.

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My point exactly.