Preparing for IOI

I think it has some limit, like "Users above X karma can edit community wiki. ".

I guess I can add this stuff for him :smiley:

But idk the order T_T

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Order the broad topics in any way but add the subtopics in order of difficulty. For eg, In divide and conquer, first its binary search, next quick sort and then centroid decomposition. Please do add T_T

What is a brute force? Can someone explain?

@ista2000 if it is possible then please provide us with links to these topics as there is much information on web and finding a better resource may not be possible for noobs like me so please help by adding links. Anyways nice initiative.

(From Commonlounge community of International Olympiad in Informatics)

Havenโ€™t found a better compilation for IOI preparation than the above playlist.
Hope this helps!