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I’m quite decided about that…

Anyway, do you know what i need to write official editorials??

Qualification and all??

I think you need to be a part of the problem setting team or the individual who submitted the problem . Don’t know much though .

Oh okay…

Thanks :slight_smile:

May consider Aadhar card or green card, passport or any other unique id as per country… but quite complicated i guess

@taran_1407 - Only good english is needed to apply for Editorial writing. You can apply for that if you want. Being part of problem setting team is not a compulsion.

And what if i don’t know solution to all problems of a set, say SEPT Cook Off??

I knew solution of only three problems…

What would i do in that case???

That’s what i really wanted to know…


I won’t mind testing problems (but i don’t have any account, on SPOJ, codeforces and all… I’m only on codechef, neither the experience of testing problems…)