No Editorials for June long challenge!

@admin July long challenge starts in less than 16 hours,but editorials of june long challenge are not yet uploaded.Please upload editorials of june long challenge and snackdown elimination round as soon as possible.


intrest on solving d unsolved problems from june contest is decreasing exponentially !!

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That’s why I don’t like codechef, you lose the heat of the problems after a month or so.

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The lack of Editorials sure is disheartening, but one thing I noticed is that this time discuss community was quick enough to publish unofficial editorial/detailed explanations.

I am grateful to community for publishing lots of unofficial ones. CLONME and PRMQ have a video editorial by @gkcs , in case you want to have a look at them. The first two Q were easy enough, and SUMQ and UNIONSET are also dealt with very gracefully. Chef and Feast was also not hard at all if we read the Q carefully (there are enough test cases and explanation threads on this problem for anyone who is struggling on it).

That leaves last 3 problems, The challenge problem Euler Sum, and persistent oak. Honestly, i was looking forward to that Euler Sum, because when he limited the source limit to 1000 B for that problem, i thought that it will have a neat, clever solution (I use C++). If i recall correctly, these problems also have been discussed in discuss (heads up to the community). Out of these, challenge problem deserves a editorial the most though. Except the top few guys on leaderboard, its the problem setter who can best tell how to approach this problem.

But problems for Snackdown, i feel no editorial for snackdown problem is a big downer. The problem level was good, and could have teached a lot of stuff. Editorials are needed for good problems. More often than not, they teach us something new/ a better alternative approach.


I think it’s better if the author who set the question should also submit the editorial for that problem along with the problem definition.