Inoi 2017 discussion

@sampritipanda The solution for 50 points (when you store the strength explicitly) is very similar to knapsack DP. Converting it to 100 is just an easy observation :slight_smile:

Maybe TL for problem 2 subtask 1 was somewhat weak. My code that was getting accepted actually took around 2.4-2.5 seconds offline on max test(randomly generated). That or the PCs provided were much slower than codechef.

@nibnalin, TLs were pretty generous. We did not want to force people into making constant optimizations. This isn’t long challenge xD


I am expecting atleast a 100(150 if my solution for Training passes). Training was rather easy too but I didnt solve for the third subtask. After solving the second I went to the Fences problem which at first glance I thought was tough. But after a quick analysis I figured that it was a simple DFS(or BFS, though implementing BFS was a lot more messy) problem, though the solution needed a smart implementation of maps… I didnt realise it at first so I was moving forward with a “double” sorted cultivated coordinates vector(sorted for the y coordinate and then for the x so that they were all in order) and finding if the surrounding cells were cultivated or not and therefore finding out the number of fences required for each cell, It was a very very crude solution and I was facing faults all the time. Then I implemented with Maps(had to read up the documentation again :3) which passed all the local subtasks. After that I had very little time to code the third subtask of Training and debug it which I had formulated on paper… And also, for Fences I submitted the final solution during the final last minutes at which time the web page just “hanged” :3

Everyone, please put your Name and score in this sheet .
This will help everyone to know their chances of getting into TC.
Please share this link as much as possible.



Can anyone post the solution code for both the problems??

How much did you score?

@reikjavic Just 10.

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Here are my codes :-




Are the codes that we actually submitted going to be reevaluated or the ones that we had to store in the desktop.If it is the latter case, I think I may have left the public before class declaration, which is not allowed in codechef.Eclipse generates public classes by default, so when I submit, I explicitly remove it.But when I saved It , there is a small chance that I may have forgotten to remove it, although the rest of the code is same.Although I think I have removed it, please check it nonetheless once before reevaluation, if that code is going to be checked.roll number is zco31038.

Since about 34 are getting 200, I don’t think I have a chance with 110. Do many solutions get rejected after rechecking by organisers every year ? @animesh_f

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I can see only abt 15

When will be the results out?

The personal results have been mailed. Regarding official announcement, you may have to wait for a week or so I guess.

Is it like that those who have qualified have only got email?

No, i didn’t qualify but I got an email.