GUESS - Editorial

how could You say answer will be (floor(N / 2) * ceiling(N / 2)) / (N * M) ???
for n=10 and m=10 answer is 1/4 while correct answer is 1/2.

you haven’t use return 0 cause your return type is int.
put return 0 and try.

Can anybody explain this: O(log(N * M)), complexity for the computation of gcd .

and this is O(1)

Could someone please tell me why my solution is wrong. Uncommenting the currently commented out section and deleting the code between the //----------------- result in a accepted solution, but funny thing is that the code between the
//------------- dashes are equivalent to the currently commented out section.

Here is my solution, sincerely thankful if someone would be kind enough to point out my mistake:

#include "stdio.h"

unsigned long long gcd(unsigned long long a, unsigned long long b){
unsigned long long r;
return a;


int main(){
unsigned long long t, n, m;
scanf("%llu", &t);

for(unsigned long long e=0;e<t;e++){
	scanf("%llu", &n);
	scanf("%llu", &m);
		unsigned long long d=gcd((n*m)-1,2*n*m);
		printf("%llu", ((n*m)-1)/d);
		printf("/%llu\n", (2*n*m)/d);
	} else {
//unsigned long long nodd=(n/2)+(n%2);
//unsigned long long neven=(n/2);
//unsigned long long modd=(m/2)+(m%2);
//unsigned long long meven=(m/2);
//unsigned long long num=(nodd*meven)+(modd*neven);
//unsigned long long den=n*m;
//unsigned long long d=gcd(num, den);
//printf("%llu", num/d);
//printf("/%llu\n", den/d);

I keep getting WA with this :frowning: Any idea what mistake i am making??

I am getting WA…whats wrong with my code…pls reply me…

willnt case 1 and case 4 interchange …??