ACed Solution:
You should print exactly as specified

@karangreat234, they aren’t reading, actual reading is inside the while loop. Can anyone help me figure out @tester and @I_return use the getline(cin,s) before the while() loop.

Plz. Help me why my code gives wrong result.
Is this approach is wrong.

Getting NZEC.
I’m using Python3 and using input() to read inputs.
Surfed to get the fix of this issue, hence i’m here.

This is how i’m reading inputs.

t = int(input())
for item in range(t):
    s = input().split()

Anyone ???

I could not find your submission but here is my submission i made using above mentioned code.
I think you might be trying on codechef ide and not giving any custom input and NZEC is due to no data in stdin.

my method looks similar to the one mentioned in the editorial. But it’s giving ‘WA’. Can you guys please point out the reason. Thanks.
Please find the link to my submission [here][1].

Sorry, the issue came up because I used cin.ignore() in a loop. I will be careful before posting next time.