Date of result

Where did you find this information?

From Anand Shenoi, Regional Director :slight_smile:

It will come till 12 nov (monday). They replied to my mail about it.

Amritapura -

Be ready for a surprise. xD


Is this correct??

it’s from their official site :

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Love reacts only.

Selected Team List to Onsite Participation at Amritapuri & Coimbatore Site : ICPC 2018
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Their selection criteria.

Selection is based on the rank only. To maximize participation from maximum institutions, there will be a cap for teams from one institution.  
Onsite fee payment shall be made on or before 20th of November 2018.```

When the result with site(either coimbatore or amritapuri) will be allotted for amritapuri onsite regional?

what are the chances of getting selected from the wait list of Kolkata Kanpur site?

Kharagpur results will be uploaded tonight.

-as received in response to my email today.