Beginner to this CodeChef

Myself new to this website.And may i know How it be will useful for me???

  1. Okay so first of all, select a language. I recommend C++ because of its STL Library.
  2. Start of in this order:
  3. Start solving problems one by one. If you learnt c++ in school that uses conio.h and getch() and all then visit here:
  4. Also, don’t output any unnecesary data such as “Please input a number”, etc.
  5. Next comes the role of internet. Whenever you are stuck on a problem, search it on Google. Don’t just copy another’s solution. Read the explanation and code it yourself. If you still have a doubt, then you should refer to his/her program.
  6. Also, you can view the submissions of every user after the contest. You can learn new techniques there also.
  7. After solving around 50-60 problems, you should visit: (Here you will properly learn algorithms)
  8. Solve few problems and then start off at (Contains thousands of questions)
  9. Read some answers on quora:
  10. Also, you can refer this website:
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