answer this please

Using any loop structures. write a program using any programming language that will allow the user to input name and print your name in any shape.



-this is a square



-this is triangle

is this ur homework or r u stuck somewhere or is it some kind of riddle u r asking???




this is somekind A HOMEWORK

this is some kind a homework. please help

atleast start(put in some effort)…if u get stuck then ask…u cant expect whole codes…:stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an idea for this ques-
This ques can be easily done by Python. Basically start the ques with making shapes using star(’*’) which can be easily made or found out from net. After making the program by star try to convert them using an alphabet to get a fair idea of what to do. Python has a really helpful feature of traversing a string using loop or any other method. Use this to get your stars replaced. For example if you have to replace 3 stars at some point then use name[0:2] (where name is any name and [0:2] will traverse it from name[0], name[1], name[2] and hence giving you alphabets of name instead of stars. In triangle first print name[0] then in next line name[0:4] and then name+name[2], obviously with suitable amount of space. You can do this with other languages like C,C++,Java too but each time you should call a function that traverses a string and return the required amount. I hope this helps :slight_smile: