ACM ICPC Amritapuri Expected Ranklist!!!

@hemant_dhanuka visit for gwalior

1 Like Visit for gwalior site Check selection list. They take 116 teams ranked first in college. You would rank around 126. Most probably you will be selected.

Wow great job!
Only Kolkata Kanpur remaining now. I hope that comes out soon too. :smiley:

1 Like Click for Kolkata-Kanpur

They take top 116 1st ranked teams and our rank comes out to be 126. Then how could be our team selected? @babangain

Some team might be disqualified for plagiarism.
Some team may not wish to participte in that site ( We are thinking of not to participate on AMrita this time ).

I have recieved no of colleges before me as 198 and overall rank 1385 will i be selected.
Amritapuri region

have recieved no of colleges before me as 198 and overall rank 1385 will i be selected.
Amritapuri region.

Are You Ranked 1 from your college ?
If Yes, your team should be selected .

have recieved no of colleges before me as 100 and overall rank 483. 2ND from college. What are our chances of getting selected. Amritapuri region.

As you are second from college, unless something exceptional happens, Your chance ~0.0001

Hey,our overall rank is 241.But we are 13th in our institute,do we have a chance?

Congrats man, but I don’t think you will be selected.
Selection is based on the rank only. To maximize participation from maximum institutions, there will be a cap for teams from one institution.
Last year cap was 10, and I expect this will decrease this year.

Ah, sort of expected it. Next year then, I guess.

How about the expected selection list of kharagpur?

Our overall rank is 1634 and 1st from our institute. Do we have a chance of getting selected for Amritapuri Onsite ??

No. of institutions before you is 228.
And they’ll take 225 or more.
Also many team may decide NOT to participate.
Like our team would most probably attend Kolkata and NOT amrita.
So, Pretty good chance I think.
If not in first list, then in second list.

Btw IITM ne iss baar chaapa hai. I’m curious why all Top 13 teams in IITM filled amritapuri ??